DSC Now Expanding to the United States

Kelly Tudhope and Kirk Davis are traveling to the United States and presenting to a number of top 100 USA MLM companies in Salt Lake City, California and Florida. The MLM industry is becoming increasing scrutinized which is resulting in a rise in the number of legal actions and class actions, being brought by both government regulators and also independent sales agents themselves. For example see Vemma (2015) and Visalus (2016).

The Internet has enabled many companies to enter, often without intention, into illegal pyramiding and referral selling. Therefore, there is a need for the Direct Selling industry to adopt a suitable compliance training program before it is too late.

Direct Sales Compliance is an innovative risk management and mitigation tool developed by accounting, taxation and legal professionals who are also experienced lecturers and compliance trainers. Our programs are designed by direct selling specialists for the direct selling/MLM industry.