Do you need a direct selling / MLM compliance training program?

Direct Sales Compliance offers standard and fully customisable online compliance training programs designed specifically for the direct selling and MLM industry. Our programs include an induction module for newly joined independent salespeople, as well as more in-depth compliance training modules which cover topics including: legal, accounting and small business.

Recent legal developments indicate an urgent need for Australian direct selling and MLM companies to adopt an industry specific compliance training program. Direct Sales Compliance provides an industry solution.

Our compliance program is so revolutionary it was a finalist in the 2016 Telstra Business Digital Innovation Challenge.


Mandatory Compliance

In many countries, regulators are on the watch to ensure that companies comply with their legal obligations.

Where companies don’t comply, regulators can obtain court orders to force introduction of compliance programs.

Our team of experts is experienced in developing compliance programs that meet the stringent requirements of enforceable undertakings.